We are known as "ACTIONISTS". Actionists emphasise business integrity, active participation, team spirit, customer satisfaction, excellence, loyalty and sense of belonging.

Within the group, we believe in healthy organisational practices, open career opportunities, harmonious working environment, job satisfaction and enrichment. This mutual effort in managing and sharing corporate wealth will promote bevolence toward society at large and a better life all round.

People are our most crucial assets and we take every opportunity to develop their potential. Excellence among Actionists is awarded every year to affirm their contribution.

With their dedication and commitment, the Group will be able to realise its goals and to achieve the objective of proving that "Every Actionist is an Entreneur".







Our success so far has been based on the corporate dream and hard work. To the entrepreneur with vision, this is but the starting point.

The future for the automotive industry is full of promise and opportunity. This is enough to motivate us tooward achieving our corporate mission.




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