Action Foundation (Action Jijin Berhad)

For every enterprise to develop and thrive, it will have to overcome the various hurdles and obstacles that lie ahead. During the phases of growth, small-and medium-sized companies often face tough transitional adjustments and great challenges that determine the direction of future development. For this reason, the Foundation was set up to provide assistance to these enterprises so that various management methods, systems and strategies may be explored for the further development of these growing companies. To accomplish this, the Foundation will provide resource managemnet courses, training seminars, lectures, consultancy services and publication aids to these small to medium-scale industries.

Scope of Activities:
    The Foundation :-
  1. Provide management training programmes
  2. Publish business and motivational publications
  3. Sponsor cultural and educational activities
MD's Sharing

原本在十一月十三日凌晨乘马航飞往北京,上清华大学高级经理总裁班第五周的课程。可是十一月九日晚间十点钟当我和叶瑞祥兄在陈志勇Friendster餐吧开怀谈清华语清华的时刻, 却接到瑞连弟从中山的一通电话。他告诉我他们公司和清华D31班同学决定在十一月十一日至十三日回访中国西北甘肃省(母亲水窖),并力邀我同行。


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